How to Avoid Getting Sick in 2020

With CoVid-19 coming into everyone’s life there are a lot of questions and also a lot of information out there, some of it very contradictory. So what is the truth ? How do we avoid getting sick in 2020 with this new pandemic? I am here to help you with the best information I can to keep it simple and help to ensure your health

First: It is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee 100% that you will not get sick unless you have NO contact with anyone ever again…. not realistic… but there are many things you can do to make sure it is VERY unlikely you will get sick and also if you do that it will be mind and not serious. Lets get started with the information.

The FIRST step is prevention.

This is the easiest of the steps because can do it RIGHT AWAY. How do you prevent contracting the virus? The virus is spread through contact with other people through the tiny water droplets we breath out (or cough or sneeze out) throughout the day.

  • So keeping a distance of greater than 4-6 feet from someone will reduce any chance of being exposed. in addition if both are wearing masks then it makes that distance even safer (both from expelled droplets and also prevention of inhaling the droplets), and if you are wearing face-sheilds or glasses they you are even more protected because the eyes are a vector of infection (that is the way most people get sick in general), we touch a contaminated surface then touch our eyes… the average person touches there face over 300 times a day!!!
  • In one 2008 study, 10 subjects were each observed alone in an office environment for 3 hours. Researchers found they touched their faces an average of 16 times per hour.

The Second Step is Healthy habits.

Your own immune system is your best protection. Of course this is based on your habits and is developed over time. if you have a weak immune system you can’t make it strong by tomorrow… but YOU CAN start habits that will make it stronger over time.

  • Sleep is the number one thing…. YOU NEED Proper sleep for a strong immune system and actually for everything in life (strong mind and body). Do you need 8 hours? no, that is acually a weird number that does not make any sence… why? because the average sleep cycle is 90 min and you should have 5 Cycles for a proper rest and recovery for your body (90*5= 450min = 7.5 hours)….. So what you really need is 7.5 hours.
    • Now the quality of that sleep is also important and I actually help my clients (both using hypnotherapy and coaching) a lot with this part of their life… You can Contact me directly if you need some help in this area… or I am actually developing a short Sleep Blueprint course to help people get the most out of this needed behavior, I will try to make it very affordable and when it is ready I will send out an email to the list.

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